Commitment,innovation and partnershipin each stretch.

A successful trajectory paving the Brazilian roads
with premium quality asphalt and emulsion products.

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Commitment,innovation and partnershipin each stretch.

A successful trajectory paving with asphalt on the roads of Brazil.

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Raw materials, technology and logistics: here, it is all ours

NTA (New Asphalt Techniques) is a robust company with its own working capital throughout the entire period of operation

The raw material we trade, the technology we offer and the delivery logistics all belong to NTA, therefore we negotiate better quotes. We develop new technologies. We do meet deadlines. What was agreed upon is what will happen. We have no ups and downs.

We build lasting partnerships and a solid reputation for our soundness, innovation, and punctuality. We are present throughout the Brazil, so you can count on us wherever you are.


Credibility built on Outstanding Achievements

We gained prestige and recognition for providing superior services and products to our clients. This shows the performance capability existing in the core of the NTA’s work proposal.

Because of the outstanding achievements, our work proposal is acknowledged as effective and gathers success stories all over the country. Meet some of them.


Multiple knowledge in each lane kilometer of asphalt

NTA invests to provide kilometers of innovation, technology, performance, on-time delivery and commercial competitiveness along with each of our many products.

Own logistics

Transportes Fraore is a company created exclusively to meet our logistical demands and guarantee punctual delivery.

Research laboratory

The Research Center for New Asphalt Techniques (CPNTA) is the NTA´s innovative branch, providing new technologies for asphalt paving.

Technical assistance

In addition to developing new technologies, the CPNTA works on product performance during construction, for improvement and increased quality.

Commercial conditions

We provide an agile and accessible service, giving fast and efficient responses to requests for quotation, with prices, conditions and credits tailored for our customers.

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Researching to go further, monitoring to stay closer

NTA´s Research Center for New Asphalt Techniques (CPNTA) keeps a constant search for new products and innovative materials and techniques.

The CPNTA closely monitors the performance of our products on construction sites. In this way, we enhance the products to promptly meet the expectations of the project and to achieve with perfection the desired goal.


You say when and where, we will be there

We know how important it is that plans go according to schedule. Importance of everything being in the right place at the right time. Even more so in the case of large road construction works and large operating costs.

Therefore, NTA relies on the delivery logistics of Transportes Fraore, the company´s private fleet primarily used to meet our demands.

To carry out its operations with speed, Fraore’s fleets are strategically located in close proximity of the main refineries in the country: REPAR (Araucária – PR), REVAP (São José dos Campos – SP), REGAP (Betim – MG), REDUC (Duque Caixas – RJ) and REPLAN (Paulínia – SP).


NTA products: kilometers of innovation and performance

Our line of products, from conventional to specialty, has differentials that go beyond the materials themselves. Differentials such as delivery, credit, commercial conditions, technical assistance and much more. For each product, kilometers of benefits.